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General enquiries

Requirements for joining the AFP

Applying for non-policing jobs

General enquiries

What makes the AFP special?

The AFP is the only police service in Australia which offers work in community policing, as Federal Agents, in Protective Services and peacekeeping missions overseas. The AFP also offers work in non-policing roles.

  • The AFP's community police protect the national capital, which involves an exciting mix of issues and challenges. They are the first point of contact when a local crime is committed.
  • Federal Agents operate in state and territory capital cities and as liaison officers in countries around the world. They focus on national and international crime. Federal Agents also serve as peacekeepers for the United Nations.
  • The AFP's Protective Service Officers provide security for government and foreign officials, airports, secure locations, major museums and at major events. They also provide security services and training to government agencies.
  • The International Deployment Group is a new approach to deploying personnel overseas for peacekeeping and capacity building missions. You will gain exposure to policing issues and situations not normally encountered in Australia.
  • The AFP has many non-policing roles which support policing operations. These range from forensics, legal, intelligence and marketing to IT and business support. Whatever role interests you, you will be assisting the AFP to combat crime.

Do I have to be an Australian citizen to join the AFP?

Yes, it is a minimum requirement at the time of application that you are an Australian citizen.

I have a security clearance from another department/organisation - will this assist me with my application?

The AFP will still conduct its own security checks. If, however, you are able to provide the relevant details/documentation, please do so.

Does the AFP have graduate or trainee programs?

The AFP's Graduate Program currently involves a 12-month comprehensive training and development program in three varied work rotations, with a dedicated mentor to provide assistance and support You can build your career at the local, national or international level with non-policing roles ranging from intelligence analysts and forensic investigators through to jobs in information technology, legal, training, marketing and communications and administrative support. To join the AFP graduate program, you must be an Australian citizen and have completed a three-year bachelor degree.

The AFP also offers an Indigenous traineeship program.

What are the pay scales and working conditions?

Details about pay, the AFP's generous leave entitlements and other conditions are at Pay and conditions.

How often does the AFP recruit?

The AFP's recruitment needs vary from year to year depending on organisational and government demands.

Requirements for joining the AFP

Will my sexual orientation prohibit me from joining the AFP?

The AFP believes that sexual orientation does not affect an individual's ability to do the job. The Gay and Lesbian Officer Network provides support to its members and also advises management on strategies and initiatives for managing relationships with the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersexual communities.

Does the AFP employ people from non-English speaking backgrounds or from different ethnic groups?

Yes. The AFP mirrors the Australian community by employing people from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Currently, AFP staff speak 59 different languages including sign language. Many internal networks, such as the Malunggang Indigenous Officer Network, exist to support staff.

Applying for non-policing jobs

What types of non-policing roles are there in the AFP?

Non-policing roles range from IT and business support to forensics, finance and human resource management.

Where will I find AFP job vacancies?

You will find AFP vacancies for non-policing roles:

  • included in the current vacancies list on this website
  • advertised in the newspaper
  • listed in the Australian Public Service Gazette.

Are there any pre-requisites for non-policing roles?

You need to be an Australian citizen to be eligible to be engaged by the AFP.

What is involved in applying for non-policing roles?

The section providing Advice for applicants has information about what to include in your application, how to address the selection criteria for the position you are interested in and how to lodge your application.

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