Eligibility, Qualifications and Business Area

Am I eligible to apply?

Minimum qualification requirements

To be an AFP graduate you must have completed a university degree. This is a minimum of a Bachelor degree, but many of our candidates also have postgraduate qualifications.

If you have received recognition of prior learning for direct entry into a postgraduate qualification (without completing a Bachelor degree) you must be completing a Masters degree or higher.

You must have completed the requirements of your qualification prior to commencing work as a graduate. It does not matter if your graduation ceremony is at a later date.

Overseas Qualifications

If your qualification was completed at a university outside of Australia (including New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom), you must have the qualification recognised by your state or territory government Overseas Qualifications Unit prior to submitting your application.

Please upload both your academic transcript and the documents from the Overseas Qualifications Unit, confirming the level at which your qualification has been recognised.

Checkable background

All members of the AFP are required to hold a security clearance. In order to be granted a clearance you must have a checkable background, as explained on the current vacancies page.


To apply for any position in the AFP you must be an Australian citizen. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications where citizenship is pending.

Please note: the AFP does not offer sponsorship for non-citizens.

Do graduates need a specific qualification?

Each year the qualifications of candidates recruited into the Graduate Program change in response to business needs. However, the breadth of work in the AFP means there are many relevant qualifications, for example:

  • arts / humanities / international studies
  • accounting / commerce / economics / finance / statistics
  • communication / media
  • human resources / business / management
  • information technology
  • law / criminology / justice
  • chemistry / biology / forensic science
  • counter terrorism / intelligence.

Do I need a postgraduate qualification?

No. Obviously your qualifications are important to us, but just as important are the qualities that you bring. We are looking for graduates who have critical thinking skills and enjoy a challenge.

Which business areas recruit graduates?

The following business areas frequently recruit graduates.

To maximise your chance of success in the recruitment process, you should consider selecting a business area whose requirements align with your qualification.

National Security Hotline

Visit the AFP Futures Centre

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

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