Maddison joined the AFP after completing a Bachelor of Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science. Choosing to apply for the AFP graduate program was an easy decision for Maddison as it was one of the best in Australia and one of only a few organisations to offer an entry level program for Forensics.

What is your qualification?

Bachelor of Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science

What areas of the AFP did you work in during your graduate year?

Since starting in the graduate program I have worked in areas such as the Forensic Exhibit Registry/Forensic Operations Centre, Crime Scenes and ACT Policing – Homicide.

What type of work did you do?

My Crime Scenes rotation was fantastic! Almost every day I was out on the road attending real-life crime scenes. This is where I found I used most of the knowledge gained through my tertiary studies. Learning how to detect, record and collect evidence was a concept I had been exposed to before, helping my integration into this role. During my external rotation in ACT Policing, I was able to use a different type of thinking which was extremely challenging but very rewarding.

What was the highlight of your graduate year?

Through the grad program, not only are you exposed to awesome career opportunities but you also develop amazing friendships! Between the 40 of us grads there was always something on; a weekend trip, a BBQ, a party, a brunch, the list goes on. I would recommend to anyone to apply to be a part of the AFP grad program.

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