Rhody joined the AFP after completing a Bachelor of Journalism and International Relations.  He was selected to undertake a rotation through the Reform, Culture and Standards Team and the National Media Team.

What areas of the AFP did you work in during your graduate year?

I originally applied for the National Media Team but was offered a position with the Reform, Culture and Standards team – a special business area tasked with implementing cultural reform within AFP.

I worked in the Leadership Training Team helping to rollout leadership focused education and courses and the Leadership Centre which focused on the strategic aspect of AFP’s leadership planning.

Later in the year I was able to rotate through the Media Team.

What type of work did you do?

Working in the Leadership Training Team was very fast paced as I was tasked with assisting in the roll out of more than 40 training courses in Canberra and at AFP offices throughout the country.  Right from the start I was working with a large amount of autonomy and taking on a fair bit of responsibility which was great.

The work was varied with everything from event planning, finance and internal communications and I was exposed to a lot of things I had never done before.  While I had plenty of freedom to approach the work in my own way I was always well supported by my team which was a great introduction to the AFP.

I had the opportunity to rotate through the media team and considering my background in journalism it was definitely something I was interested in.  There was never a dull moment in the media team and it was great to be exposed to the operational side of the organisation.

What was the highlight of your graduate year?

Too tough to narrow it down to just one moment.  Soaking up the excitement of the media team as breaking news unfolded, meeting senior AFP leaders and hearing their views on the future of the organisation, learning a whole bunch of new skills, meeting so many amazing people and so much more. 

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