AFP Band 6 to 9 roles


A brief application that provides:

  • Clear contact details
  • Education
  • Language Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Previous Applications
  • Referees

Evidence Against the Selection Criteria

Provide a concise summary of your evidence of how you have demonstrated the capabilities required in the selection criteria. The summary addressing each criterion must be no longer than 750 words in length.

Rather than providing long-winded arguments in this area, it is better to highlight some of the examples and achievements in your working life so far that provide the best evidence that you have the capabilities sought. If the example is already mentioned in your Work History, simply refer to it rather than repeat it.

Some guidance as to what the selection committee are looking for is included in the Selection Criteria and also in the Pathways for Bands 6 – 9 document.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

The technical knowledge and skills are required to be expressed in the way that you manage and lead others, achieve results and contribute to strategic thinking.

It is expected that your evidence of management and leadership capabilities will also demonstrate a high level of technical knowledge and skills in the relevant area. Refer specifically to any technical achievements to support your overall evidence.

Technical Specialist (Band 6 – 9) roles in the AFP are best characterised as senior technical specialist roles providing high level technical leadership. These roles do not involve the management and leaderships of medium to large teams. The critical success factor is the technical knowledge and skills of the employee in the role. For this reason, these roles need a different emphasis from the Team Leader Band 6 – 9 roles.

The Selection Criteria for Technical Specialist (Band 6 – 9) includes an additional technical criterion. This allows the selection committee to place a strong emphasis on the technical capabilities of applicants, consider their relative technical merits, but still bring in aspects of the other management and leadership criteria to select the best overall person for the role.

Curriculum Vitae, Resume or Work History

A concise summary of your work history and qualifications (about 2 to 4 pages), including:

  • Each organisation and each position you have worked in, including dates
  • Summary information about the position and the responsibilities involved
  • Any notable achievements or projects in each position
  • Formal qualifications or courses of study
  • Evidence of how you meet the essential requirements for the role
  • Any other training that is strongly relevant to your evidence
  • Details of the relationship and contact details for referees

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