Lateral police recruitment

To be eligible to apply for a lateral police position you need to meet our minimum requirements and have at least two years (unless specified) contemporary experience in exercising police powers and responsibilities with a state police organisation.

Former police officers with at least two years' experience (unless specified) in exercising police powers and responsibilities with a state police organisation are also eligible to apply, providing they separated from an operational police role less than three years ago (unless specified).

We encourage all prospective applicants to find out more about the application process and the roles before applying for future advertised vacancies.

As part of the application process, candidates will be required to complete an employment suitability questionnaire and provide a copy of their current and complete traffic history, which can be obtained from the local motor registry in your state or territory.

All vacancies are advertised in accordance with the organisational requirements of the AFP. There is currently no confirmed date of when this position will be next advertised.

Note: The AFP is not currently recruiting for lateral police intake. We encourage you to monitor the website regularly for any future advertised vacancies.

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