Federal Police Lateral Police Program

The Federal Police Lateral Program (FPLP) is a mandatory program for lateral police recruits who transfer from other jurisdictions, or have the relevant level of contemporary policing experience.

The length of training for lateral  recruits depends on your level of contemporary policing and other related experience and skill levels. It may involve several weeks of live-in training at the AFP College in Canberra or specific  on-the-job training.

FPLP’s are specifically designed for people with current or recent policing experience from state or territory policing jurisdictions. Course content focuses on assisting recruits to adapt their existing knowledge of state legislation to the legislative framework used by the AFP.

Recruits receive instruction in relevant Commonwealth and ACT legislation, local practices, procedures and issues, and local criminal justice partners such as the courts and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

You will learn about  the AFP's organisational  infrastructure model and the flexible, multi-skilled and empowered teams operating in an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

The FPLP, like all other recruit programs includes mandatory physical fitness training.

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