How to apply

Your application should include:

  • your current resume
  • your written statement of claims against the selection criteria, taking into account the role description.

Employment Suitability Questionnaire

  • As the AFP is one of Australia's law enforcement agencies and with a view to retaining the confidence of governments, partners and the communities with whom we deal, the AFP applies a robust integrity framework. AFP employees must therefore, demonstrate the highest level of professional standards both in their official and private capacities so as to safeguard organisational integrity.
  • Section 24 of the Australian Federal Police Act 1979 highlights that engagement of AFP employees may be subject to conditions which include (but are not limited to) a character clearance. Completion of the employment suitability questionnaire (ESQ) is a prerequisite requirement for all applicants external to the AFP and/or all applicants for sworn police or PSO recruit positions. The ESQ seeks to commence the process of determining your suitability for the roles and responsibilities of the AFP, the assessment of the ESQ is in accordance with the AFP employment character guidelines

Addressing the selection criteria (if applicable)

  • AFP core capabilities - there are five core capabilities (i.e. knowledge, skills or attributes) that form the common selection criteria for every role in the organisation. They spell out consistent behavioural and leadership capabilities that AFP employees need to perform their duties and are used in various combinations depending on the required work level.
  • Role description - for roles that also require particular specialist and technical skills, make sure your claims against the selection criteria are in the context of the specific role description.
  • Claims against the selection criteria - demonstrate your capability to do the job by providing relevant, current examples and evidence of achievements or potential. The AFP does appreciate concise applications that provide relevant evidence based on up-to-date examples of your capabilities.
  • More information:
    • what to include in written applications Bands 1 to 5 and Bands 6 to 9
    • career map pathways highlight the key differences between the Bands and the behavioural expectations of appointees Pathways Bands 2 – 5 (PDF, 190KB) and Pathways Bands 6 – 9 (PDF, 40KB)
    • each Band in the AFP has its own relevant work level standards which describe the skill, responsibility and behavioural expectations.
  • Questions - if you have any questions, please talk to the contact officer.

Lodging your application

Applications must be lodged online and each job has an application form to complete.

Application forms are only available to be viewed when a vacancy is listed. Applications are open and submitted through the AFP website when requested by each business area and are dependent on operational requirements and the needs of the organisation at that time.

You will only be able to submit an application for a vacancy listed on the webpage as we are unable to accept Expressions of Interest or stand-alone CVs. Applications must be completed by the stated deadline as late applications will not be accepted.

Selection outcomes

The AFP is committed to informing you as soon as possible of the outcome of your application and will provide reasons for unsuccessful applications. You can check the progress of your application at any time with the contact officer.

Availability for interviews

All applicants must be available for an interview from the date the application closes, even if you are on leave. The selection committee will try to schedule your interview at the least disruptive time. Where possible, short-listed applicants will be given two days notice of interview details. If you are going to be on leave or away after lodging your application, please provide a contact number where you can be reached.

More information

For questions about particular vacancies, talk to the contact officer.

For more general questions about AFP jobs and recruitment, you can contact AFP's Recruitment Section.

National Security Hotline

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