Traffic history

Candidates applying for a role in the AFP, who are not current AFP employees, must meet our employment character standards. Part of any candidate's application is the mandatory requirement for candidates to complete and submit an Employment Suitability Questionnaire (ESQ), provide traffic history and also proof of Australian citizenship.

If you have ever held a licence, learner's permit or provisional licence, the AFP requires you to provide a copy of your traffic history in addition to the ESQ. The traffic history you provide must:

  • be dated no more than three months prior to the date of submission;
  • continuously cover the last 10 years you have held a licence. The only exception to this is Western Australia, where a five year history is the maximum available. If you have held a licence for under 10 years, your traffic history must cover the full duration you have held a licence;
  • include a record from all states in which you have held a licence over the last 10 years (including a learner's permit or provisional licence); and
  • include the full document provided by your local licencing authority (i.e. do not upload one page of a two or three page document).

The below documents are not accepted as your traffic history:

  • Traffic infringement notices
  • Demerit points record
  • Copy of driver's licence
  • National Police Check Certificate
  • Search Certificate
  • Document obtained through Freedom Of Information (FOI)

If you do not currently hold, or have never held, a driver's licence you should upload a Statutory Declaration providing this information.

The traffic history is considered in conjunction with the ESQ and forms part of the assessment of the new employees against our employment character standards. For information on the AFP employment character standards please review the AFP Character Guidelines. To find out more information on the requirements of the ESQ please review the ESQ frequently asked questions, you can also review the ESQ.

If you have any queries about the traffic history or the ESQ, please contact AFP Recruitment on 02 5127 2555.

Requirement to provide traffic history

Please note that provision of your traffic history, along with the completed ESQ and proof of citizenship, are generally asked part way through our recruitment processes. However, the timing for submission of these documents can vary based on the role you are applying for. It is important that you read all information provided to you for each application you have submitted to ensure that you meet required deadlines. Failure to provide these documents in the required timeframes, or the provision of incomplete documentation, may result in your application not progressing to the next step of the process.

Please check your email inbox on a regular basis as emails will be used as the main form of communication; also ensure that emails are not being sent directly to your junk or spam folder.

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application at the earliest opportunity. You can login to AFP MyCareer and select the 'Job Management' tab to view your application status.

Due to the nature of AFP recruitment processes it can take several months for a process to be finalised; we ask for your patience in this respect.

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