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Welcome to the AFP Futures Centre.

The AFP has explored, and will continue to explore, both opportunities and challenges in the current and future global environment. This exploration encourages the combination of unique specific skills, capabilities and systems to ensure a ‘future-capable’ AFP.

This website offers an ongoing gateway for collaboration between the AFP and its partners.

Policing for a Safer Australia
Strategy for future capability

Purpose and structure of this website

Policing always reflects, intensely and immediately, the changes and pressures at work in the wider community in which it operates. If the AFP is to understand fully the nature of criminality and the developments that facilitate crime, and to respond effectively, it needs to understand what is driving change in society and how society perceives those changes.

It is never possible to predict the future with certainty, but it is nonetheless dangerous to avoid thinking about it. The purpose of this website is to examine some of the major global political, social and technological trends that will have an impact on the policing, law enforcement and other responsibilities of the AFP over the next five to 10 years.

Following on from the AFP’s 2015 Future Directions Strategic Context Paper, this website addresses the world in which the AFP will have to operate – a world affected by globalisation, changing technologies, population growth, migration, international conflict, failures of governance, violent extremism, climate change and a growing demand for resources.

  • Complex Challenges looks at the broad systemic and technological changes in the international environment and Australian society over the next five to 10 years that are likely to affect the AFP and to shape the requirements the government has of it.
  • Implications examines the implications of these developments for the demands likely to be placed on the AFP.
  • The Way Forward addresses what they mean for the AFP’s mission.


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