About AFP National Media

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Media team facilitates requests from media organisations in Australia and around the world on a daily basis. The team is committed to forging a professional partnership with the media.

The team supports joint media operations with partner agencies, conducts media briefings and coordinates access to AFP members for interviews. It is dedicated to liaising with the media and providing news organisations with appropriate responses to a range of inquiries. The media office also maintains an internal media monitoring service and plays a key role in organising major AFP events.

A large number of media releases are issued each year, thousands of queries from media outlets are received, and the team coordinates numerous media conferences.

Members of the AFP National Media Team come from a variety of backgrounds, including former roles as journalists and public affairs officers from a range of government departments. The team is based at AFP Headquarters (HQ) in Canberra.

As a matter of policy the AFP will not comment on:

  • ongoing operations; or
  • any aspect of personal protection or witness protection.

Contact us

The HQ Office is staffed between 8.00am and 6.00pm weekdays.

After hours, the National Media enquiry line is switched through to an answering machine which provides the mobile phone number of the relevant on-call media liaison officer.

Media enquiries AFP National Media Team Ph: (02) 5126 9297 (24 hours)

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