Episode five - Close Personal Protection

In this episode of AFP we follow Federal Agent Joshua Walsh as he aspires to be part of the Close Personal Protection (CPP) team. The CPP are responsible for protecting dignitaries including the Prime Minister of Australia.  Joshua has made it through to the final week of the training course, but the trainers are about to turn up the heat. Will he make the cut?

Close Personal Protection

Since its formation in 1979, the AFP has provided personal protection for every Australian prime minister since Malcolm Fraser, members of Parliament and visiting dignitaries from overseas.

Close Personal Protection (CPP) teams are highly trained men and women who travel the world to keep Australia’s high-office holders safe. They also provide protection for diplomatic and consular personnel and other foreign nationals that the Commonwealth deems to be at risk. It’s a demanding job requiring an aptitude for concentration and attention to detail.

CPP officers must be ready to react quickly and possess the ability to swiftly evaluate a situation, use their finely honed negotiating skills or emergency driving expertise at any given moment. They are fit, well groomed, discreet and professional.

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