Episode one - People smuggling / Advanced Warrant Training

In this episode of AFP Federal Agent Leisa James assists the Indonesian National Police in tracking down a boat that has been launched off the coast of Indonesia.  The AFP suspects it will be used to send a boatload of asylum seekers to Australia.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Sydney, Federal Agent Kevin Mulroney is about to be put through the hardest test of his career.  Having just completed Advanced Warrant Training, he will now be driving the lead car in his first high risk arrest of a potentially armed and dangerous suspect.

People smuggling

People smuggling exploits vulnerable people during times of desperation, shows a callous disregard for the law and humanity by the organisers of these ventures and undermines Australia’s borders and the integrity of its immigration system.

For the AFP, protecting our borders also means saving lives.

The AFP’s fight against people smuggling is primarily based in Indonesia where many of the out-lying islands are staging points for smugglers to send asylum seekers south across a treacherous expanse of ocean to Australian territory. Passengers are put on over-crowded and poorly-maintained boats and charged up to $10,000 for the privilege.

The AFP works with the Indonesian National Police to prevent people smuggling ventures before they leave. Since *2008, the AFP has helped the Indonesian authorities disrupt 203 separate ventures and detained 5144 people suspected of entering Indonesia as a springboard into Australia.

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Advanced Warrant Training (AWT)

The AFP’s Advanced Warrant Training (AWT) program aims to train selected AFP members in the basic skills, tactics and procedures that will enable them to execute warrants at a level beyond the routine.

Advanced Warrant Teams conduct potentially high risk search warrants where they may have to confront armed and violent suspects.

During the 50 hour course, members will qualify to use the taser in addition to being qualified in all standard use of force equipment. This includes the glock pistol, capsicum spray, handcuffs and the ASP extendable baton.

Advanced Warrant Training is delivered by expert AFP trainers from the Operational Safety & Police Practices (OSPP) area.

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