AFP Commissioner strengthens ties with Indonesian officials

AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw has met with key Indonesian officials to further strengthen cooperation and intelligence-sharing between law enforcement agencies.

Commissioner Kershaw held high-level discussions with Chief of Indonesian National Police General Drs Listyo Sigit Prabowo, as well as meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Police General (Ret) Pfr Drs H. Muhammad Tito Karnavian; Chief of National Narcotics Board of Indonesia Commissioner General Dr Petrus R Golose; Head of Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) Police Inspector General Marthinus Hukom  Police Inspector General Dr Johanis Asadoma; Chief of International Relations Division M. Hum and Police Commissioner General (Ret) Gories Mere.

The discussions, held in Indonesia last week, marks the first time Mr Kershaw visited Indonesia in his official capacity as AFP Commissioner.

Commissioner Kershaw said the partnership between the AFP and Indonesian law enforcement agencies was valued and key to helping keeping Australians safe.

“There is a strong and trusted bond between the AFP and these agencies, and it goes beyond official ties and job titles,’’ Commissioner Kershaw said.

“Deep friendships have been forged out of tragedy and enduring challenges. COVID may have grounded many of us over the past two years but it never put on hold our close ties or intelligence sharing.

“These Indonesian agencies and the Generals running them are committed to keeping our region safe, and likewise, the AFP continues to work proactively with our neighbours.

“Indonesia is the AFP’s largest International Post, with nine members based in Jakarta and one in Bali with both Posts supported by locally engaged staff.”

Commissioner Kershaw presented the AFP Partnership Medal in recognition of valued and enduring partnerships to the Chief of Indonesian National Police, Chief of National Narcotics Board of Indonesia, Minister of Home Affairs, Densus 88 Police Inspector General Marthinus Hukom and Police Commissioner General (Ret) Gories Mere.

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