AFP Enterprise Agreement update

Voting for the updated proposed Australian Federal Police (AFP) Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2020 (EA) closed at 4pm yesterday (14 December 2017).

 The proposed EA has been accepted by AFP staff.

 The participation rate was 81.6 per cent of eligible voters, again representing strong staff engagement throughout the voting period.

 Pending formal audit, the final figures of the vote are as follows:

Yes: 3939 votes = 77.92 per cent
No:  1116 votes = 22.08 per cent

 AFP Lead negotiator, Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said that following the previous no vote, a series of staff focus groups were conducted to identify the specific concerns of staff.

 “I am pleased that we were able to generally address those concerns, resulting in the successful outcome this week,” Assistant Commissioner Gaughan said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the bargaining representatives, the EA Bargaining Team and employee union representatives for their work in negotiating and presenting the new proposed EA to AFP staff,” said Assistant Commissioner Gaughan.

The new agreement will be submitted to the Fair Work Commission for final approval with an expectation it will commence in early 2018.


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