AFP responds to questions about resourcing and priorities

The AFP is disappointed an internal working document, which sought to provide confidential operational advice and revealed operational sensitivities, has been made public as this undermines the AFP’s ability to ensure its resources are used efficiently, effectively and appropriately. This is now subject to a Professional Standards investigation.


Over the past 12 months, the AFP and its partners have made record drug seizures, dismantled significant and multi-national organised crime syndicates, and disrupted a number of plots with people allegedly planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Australia.


The AFP makes decisions daily on operational priorities, resourcing and determining which matters pose the greatest risk to the safety and security to the Australian community, and directing its resources where they are most needed. The AFP has systems in place to manage its resources as flexibly as possible against the highest priorities.


The AFP has a broad range of Protection obligations in Sydney (including the AFP’s own people and premises). Protecting Prime Ministers and Australian high office holders has always been part of the AFP’s operational remit. The provisions in place for Prime Minister Turnbull are entirely consistent with both the current enhanced security environment and protection measures in place for previous Prime Ministers.


The challenges for law enforcement have evolved significantly over the past decade. This calls for the use of innovative operational practices and techniques, including offshore disruption when the AFP feels that this is the most appropriate way to manage a criminal investigation. Technological advances and increasingly complex criminal methodologies require the use of more specialist capabilities.


In this year’s Budget, the Government invested an additional $321.4 million to bolster the AFP’s capability, and ensure the agency is best-placed to combat its future challenges.

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