AFP response on counter terrorism arrangements

The AFP would like to respond to a number of incorrect claims made in news reporting today (Wednesday, 8 March 2017) regarding first response arrangements for terrorism incidents.

The claims that the AFP is planning or making preparations to take over first response capability for counter terrorism are incorrect.

The AFP works closely with its state and commonwealth partners, including through the Australian New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee, in the areas of counter terrorism enforcement and response. Responsibilities for dealing with terrorism incidents are clearly articulated and publicly available here. There is no project or plan in relation to changes to these existing arrangements.

Assertions that response arrangements were discussed at a recent AFP executive meeting in Manly are wrong. Additionally, Minister Keenan and Commander Bachi (who is not a Superintendent, as stated in reporting) did not attend this meeting at any stage.

Claims that the AFP has approached state law enforcement members on this matter are also wrong.

The AFP acknowledges that the response to the Martin Place incident in 2014 is being considered by the NSW Coroner however the AFP does not and will not pre-empt any outcomes from that inquiry.

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