AFP statement on Thai cave rescue

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is delighted and relieved the 12 boys and their coach have been found alive after being trapped for nine days in a cave system in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

The priorities for the Thai-led rescue operation are getting food and first aid to the group and preparing to evacuate them safely.

The AFP continues to assist the ongoing cave rescue operation underway.

An AFP Specialist Response Group (SRG) team of six officers with dive capabilities deployed to Chiang Rai. (They arrived on Saturday night Thailand time).

The team has capabilities of working in zero visibility areas, land search and rescue, and diving in flooded caves.

The AFP team is working closely with the Royal Thai Navy to plan and support the movement of equipment further into the cave system, to enable the Navy SEALS to safely rescue the group.

Also assisting in Chang Rai are DFAT and Defence liaison staff and specialists from the US and China.

An interview with AFP SRG member Detective Superintendent Thomas Hester took place in Canberra today. To download the footage, click here.

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