Commissioner’s Statement following Senate Estimates on 22 March 2021

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw has made the following statement.

“I have examined Mr Gaetjens’ opening statement of evidence to Senate Estimates.

I confirm I informed Mr Gaetjens on 9 March it was strongly advisable to hold off finalising the records of interviews with staff until the AFP could clarify whether the criminal investigation into Ms Higgins’ sexual assault allegations may traverse any issues covered by the administrative process he was undertaking.

I support his decision to put on hold the process of finalising his inquiry. At this time, I support him not making any further comments on the process or content of his inquiry to avoid any risk of prejudicing the outcome of the criminal investigation.

When the AFP has clarity about whether there is no intersection between Mr Gaetjens’ administrative inquiry and the criminal investigation I will contact Mr Gaetjens so he can move to completion of his inquiry.”

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