Joint international operation sees US citizen arrested for denial of service attacks on IT systems

Hands in handcuffs

A two and a half year joint operation between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Toronto Police Department has resulted in a 37-year-old Seattle man being arrested in connection with serious offences relating to distributed denial of service attacks on IT systems.  

In early 2015, a number of businesses in the US, Canada and Australia received distributed denial of service attacks as well as contact from an individual making certain demands of the companies.

A joint investigation was established to identify and locate the person or persons responsible.

Early Wednesday US time (26 July 2017) a 37-year-old Iranian born US citizen was arrested under warrant in Seattle by the FBI in relation to cyber offences.

AFP Manager Cyber Crime Operations, Commander David McLean, said the successful outcome to this long running investigation is a testament to the close working relationships the AFP has with its overseas partners.

“This is a timely reminder to cyber-criminals that international law enforcement is a team sport.  Our ability and willingness to work together at a distance and across borders has never been greater,” said Commander McLean

“I would like to thank our international partners for their cooperation as well as for their patience and persistence in bringing about this result.  I would also like to acknowledge the companies who were victims of the attacks for their ongoing cooperation.”

The man has been detained in custody after appearing in the United States District Court for the State of Washington in Seattle.

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