Joint operation week of action successful

A joint operation between Tasmania Police and the AFP’s National Anti-Gangs Squad (NAGS) has this week involved targeted searches of premises across the state associated with Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

The operation was part of the NAGS Week of Action 2016, and has involved 19 searches of premises and more than 70 police officers, including nine interstate officers from the NAGS and Victoria Police. 

Police dogs with drug, money, firearms and cash detection capability were deployed.

The searches started in Devonport on Monday and moved onto Launceston and then the south of the state in the latter part of the week.

In total 16 residences and businesses and three OMCG clubhouses were searched across the state.

Four men were arrested and charged with drug offences including possession and cultivation. One of the men was also charged with firearms offences.

Three alleged members of the Bandidos OMCG were searched at the Devonport Airport. The Bandidos have been attempting to establish a presence in Tasmania and the operation this week has significantly disrupted these activities

One of the Bandidos members was found in possession of what police will allege is ICE and cocaine. Another of these men was charged in relation to possession of a stolen motorcycle.

Australian Taxation Office notices were served on two members of OMCG in the south of the state relating to debts to the ATO of more than $270,000.

The following seizures were made as a result of the operation:

  • 16 searches of residences and businesses
  • 3 searches of OMCG clubhouses
  • 4 people arrested, 12 others to be proceeded against by way of summons
  • 42 charges to be proceeded against by either arrest or summons, with further investigations to be conducted in relation to various seized items (drugs, weapons, other property)
  • 9 firearms seized – either due to being insecure or unregistered. Enquiries to be conducted to determine the history of these weapons
  • 36 grams of ICE worth $36,000
  • 4.3 kilograms of cannabis worth more than $70,000
  • More than 400 rounds of ammunition
  • More than 200 pills – including steroids, unlawful prescription medication, and others subject to analysis
  • $5030 cash
  • A number of hydroponic cannabis ‘grow rooms’
  • A stolen motorcycle
  • A pill press used in the manufacture of illicit drugs
  • Unlawfully possessed explosives (2 ‘booster’ sticks used in the mining industry)
  • A silencer, a ballistic vest, a taser and 19 cans of capsicum spray

Tasmania Police Assistant Commissioner Glenn Frame said:

“Our aim this week was to disrupt the criminal activities of people associated with Outlaw motorcycle gangs across the state.
“The community needs to be aware that OMCGs are not harmless motorcycle clubs—they are well organised criminal gangs causing harm and disruption across Tasmania and the rest of the country.

“We work closely with the National Anti-Gang Squad and the operation this week shows how effective this partnership is.”

AFP acting Commander Organised Crime Anthony Hall congratulated the team of law enforcement agencies working together as part of the National Anti-Gangs Squad Week of Action.

“The National Anti-Gangs Squad works with its partner agencies to leverage our collective capabilities to create a hostile environment for these organised criminals, who have no regard for the welfare of our communities or our national interest.

“It is important that Australian police and law enforcement agencies continue to cooperate and share intelligence to disrupt and dismantle organised crime,” acting Commander Hall said.

Members of the community are encouraged to report suspicious activity in relation to OMCG members to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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