National Police Memorial marks 10-year anniversary

National Police Remembrance Day

Police from all corners of Australia and the Pacific region will converge on Canberra this afternoon to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives protecting their communities as part of the National Police Remembrance Day service.

Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the National Police Memorial construction. We will honour the 764 members of Australian policing organisations who have been killed since 1803.

NSW Police Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson and NSW Police employee Curtis Cheng will have their names added to the Wall of Remembrance after their deaths in the past 12 months.

Five additional officers will retrospectively have their names placed next to their fallen colleagues. They are Senior Constable Henry Fetherston, Constable Benjamin Ebbitt and Sergeant Thomas Heaney, all of Queensland Police; Tasmania Police Constable Kenneth Shaw; and Northern Territory Senior Constable First Class Michael Read.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said 17 Australians have died in the service of their policing agencies in the 10 years since the inaugural service at the National Police Memorial.

“The Wall of Remembrance is a stark reminder that the job our colleagues do is dangerous and stressful, and that there are no guarantees of safety in policing,” Commissioner Colvin said.

“Policing will never be an ordinary career; it requires people with extraordinary ability, commitment and a belief in what they do.

“Each person on the Wall of Remembrance has served with distinction and is revered not only for the sacrifice made while protecting their communities, but also for their service to the nation.”

The national service will commence at 5pm at the National Police Memorial in Kings Park, Canberra. Official guests include Minister for Justice Michael Keenan, and the families of the members being included on the memorial this year.

The AFP encourages members of the community to join in commemorating Police Remembrance Day and attend one of the many services being held across Australia.


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