Proceeds of Crime Restraint – Residential premises in Narre Warren

The Commissioner of the AFP through the AFP led Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce (CACT) has commenced proceedings in the County Court of Victoria under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 restraining a residential property in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren.

The property is currently on the market for AUD $1.9 million dollars. A restraining order was also sought and obtained over an Audi motor vehicle.

The proceedings were commenced in relation to suspicions that a 25–year-old Australian man purchased the premises in 2014 for AUD $1.5 million with funds transferred from overseas to bank accounts held in the name of a company controlled by the man. 

The proceedings have been commenced as a civil matter under the POC Act related to the following suspected offences –

  • breach of directors’ duties under section 184 of the Corporations Act 2001;
  • ii) causing a loss to the Commonwealth under section 135.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995; and
  • iii) obtaining a gain from the Commonwealth under section 135.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995.

No criminal charges have been laid against the man or other persons at this time.

The CACT commenced an investigation in relation to the purchase of the property in September 2016, following the receipt of allegations that several former and current South Sudanese public officials maintained properties in Australia that may have been purchased with the proceeds of corruption.

The investigation, which included assistance from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, focussed on the acquisition of assets in Australia by the family members of an individual who is believed to have held senior positions including Chief of Staff in the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army between May 2009 and April 2014.

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