Review finalised into decision at APH

The AFP has finalised a review into a decision to ask a member of the public to leave Australian Parliament House (APH) on 23 November, 2022.

The AFP is responsible for maintaining the security, order and the decorum of Australian Parliament House. 

Individuals can be asked to leave APH if an appropriate authorised officer considers on reasonable grounds a person is disrupting or might disrupt the order or decorum of, or the security arrangements in, the Parliamentary Precincts.

AFP Protective Services Officers recognised an individual and asked them to leave APH but advised they could return later that day closer to their appointments.

The internal review found that AFP Protective Services Officers acted professionally and in good faith in seeking to maintain the order and decorum of the Parliament, however there were insufficient reasonable grounds to ask the individual to vacate APH.

The AFP is of the view that an apology is owed to the member of the public.

That apology was issued in person today by the AFP.

The AFP will implement all recommendations of the review, which relate to improving processes, procedures and training.

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