WA man in court over drug and cash stash

Editor’s note: Vision and images from the arrest are available here

The AFP has charged a 36-year-old man with drug trafficking offences after investigators allegedly found methamphetamine, cocaine and about $200,000 cash at his home.

AFP officers arrested the man yesterday afternoon after executing a search warrant at his Mirrabooka residence, where they allegedly located the drugs and cash, which are suspected to be the proceeds of crime, hidden throughout the premises. He is expected to face Perth Magistrates Court today (Thursday, 26 May).

Investigators seized about one kilogram of methamphetamine, which was divided into smaller amounts. Some was allegedly in a bag inside a home sauna, while more was in a bum bag in a backyard storage unit.  About 844 grams of cocaine was found, with some of it in the same bag as the methamphetamine  in the sauna and more allegedly in the pocket of the trousers the 36-year-old was wearing.

The cash was concealed in portable air conditioning units and under the man’s bed.

Police also allegedly discovered items consistent with drug supply, including a currency counting machine, scales, a large volume of zip lock bags and other drug paraphernalia.

Two mobile telephones were also seized and will be the subject of further forensic analysis.

AFP Acting Assistant Commissioner John Tanti said the AFP would allege the arrest was a direct hit on a supply line of drugs into the West Australian community.

“The AFP is bringing the full force of Commonwealth powers and efforts to bear on people who try to harm West Australians, particularly those who try to distribute drugs in our communities, as we will allege in this case,” he said.

“The AFP is working to make Australia as hostile as possible for anyone who tries to profit through the exploitation of our community.”

The amount of methamphetamine seized yesterday could have been sold to 10,000 West Australians as individual street deals and the cocaine could have been sold to more than 800 people. That would have put about $400,000 and close to $338,000 respectively into the pockets of the criminals involved in its distribution.

The 36-year-old man was charged with:

  • One count of trafficking in a commercial quantity of a controlled drug, namely methamphetamine, contrary to section 302.2(1) of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth). The maximum penalty is life imprisonment;
  • One count of trafficking in a marketable quantity of a controlled drug, namely cocaine, contrary to section 302.3(1) of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth). The maximum penalty is 25 years’ imprisonment;
  • Dealing with money valued at more than $100,000 and reasonably suspected to be the proceeds of an indictable crime, contrary to section 400.9(1) of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth). The maximum penalty is three years’ imprisonment.
Note to media:

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