Day for Daniel

Day for Daniel is an initiative of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, supported by the AFP through the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre. The main objective of Day for Daniel is to raise awareness of child safety.

Day for Daniel is a fun day with a serious message, where schools, businesses and communities participate in activities aimed at making the world a safer place for children.

Getting involved is as easy as wearing red, hosting a red-themed morning tea, inviting a police officer to talk at your school or watching the Foundation RED child safety DVD.

Day for Daniel is not a memorial day — it is a learning day for our children.

Tweed to the Territory

The ‘Tweed to the Territory’ tour is a joint initiative between the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the AFP’s Missing Persons and Cyber and Child Safety teams. Taking place from Tuesday 18 October to Friday 28 October 2016, the tour will focus on providing child and cyber safety awareness presentations to local communities.

We strongly encourage all schools to get online and register their school for Day for Daniel and join us in educating everyone about ‘Keeping Kids Safe’.

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