Stop Child Abuse - Trace An Object

Stop Child Abuse - Trace An Object

'Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object' is an initiative of the AFP-led Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) that encourages members of the community to identify objects extracted from the backgrounds of sexually explicit materials involving children. Images only contain the specific object, and all other content is removed. Members of the community can view the range of objects on the ACCCE websiteto help law enforcement identify the origin of each object so police can investigate the lead and identify the victim and offender. Reports can be made anonymously.

Introduced by Europol in 2017, Stop Child Abuse – Trace an Object has already led to the removal of 10 children being removed from harm and the arrest of three offenders. Over 26,000 tips have been submitted by the public, investigators were able to narrow down a country in 105 instances, 12 children victim of child sexual abuse have been identified and removed from harm and 4 offenders have been identified and prosecuted.

Visit Stop Child Abuse - Trace An Object on the ACCCE website for more information on the initiative and the latest updates.

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