Building relationships

A Part of Our Communities

The AFP Community Liaison Teams exist to build positive and trusting relationships with all Australians. Over time it is hoped this engagement will help to build a strong and resilient community.

To provide you with more information about the role of the AFP’s Community Liaison Teams, a one page flyer has been created and is available in the following languages:

National Engagement Framework

Community Liaison Teams are guided in their work by the AFP’s National Community Liaison Teams Engagement Framework, which is a living document that sets their purpose and priorities. Their general principals are to:

  • Support the Strategic and Operational objectives of the AFP
  • Establish and maintain community engagement opportunities that help to identify vulnerabilities negatively affecting communities
  • Collaborate with individuals and organisations to further inform and support communities to be cohesive and resilient
  • Enhance and compliment cross-agency partnerships and collaboration
  • Raise awareness and promote the positive brand of the AFP

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has led to on-going engagement adjustments throughout 2020, which are expected to continue through 2021. Specifically this means trending away from in-person engagements and the continued adoption of online platforms; which is recommended and supported by THE Community Liaison Teams and stakeholders.

Examples of Our Work

CLTs are flexible and collaborative

  • AFP National Youth Leadership Program
  • AFP Airport Visitor Program
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Workshops (Forensics Demonstration)
  • Presenting the ‘Think U Know’ cyber-safety initiative
  • Collaborations with Commonwealth and State Government partners
  • Collaboration with private and public businesses, educational institutions, and sporting organisations
  • Representing the AFP in appropriate community forums, events, celebrations, and commemorations

If you would like to contact one of our teams, please email:

National Security Hotline

Read the AFP Annual Report 2019-20

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

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