AFP Research Innovation Challenge 2023

The AFP is pleased to launch the AFP Research Innovation Challenge which provides topics for unclassified academic research designed to achieve AFP objectives for research and innovation against a specific policing challenge. The AFP Research Innovation Challenge aims to build research collaboration to deliver innovative solutions for policing challenges by:

  • Creating connections between researchers, industry and the AFP.
  • Fostering AFP-relevant collaborations to address operational/policing challenges.
  • Supporting the translation of academic and industry research and development to policing and national security.
  • Stimulating transdisciplinary conversations to address complex police and national security challenges.

Through the AFP Research Innovation Challenge, participants contribute to accelerating transformational, state of the art solutions in support of improving AFP processes, capabilities and operational outcomes.

Successful students will be partnered with an AFP subject matter expert and will undertake the research at their home Australian University as part of an existing course requirement, with support from their academic advisor.

Please note: the AFP Research Innovation Challenge is not an internship or student placement program.

Challenge 1: Alternative methods for Drug Destruction

Problem Statement: How might we leverage alternative commercially available methods of drug destruction to incineration?

Closing Date: 31 March 2023.


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