The Australian Cyber Security Centre - "Partnering for a Cyber Secure Australia"

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is an important Government initiative to ensure that Australian networks are amongst the hardest in the world to compromise.

The Centre will bring together existing cyber security capabilities across Defence, the Attorney-General's Department, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Australian Federal Police and Australian Crime Commission in a single location - the Ben Chifley Building, in Canberra.

Importantly it will also create a hub for even greater collaboration and information sharing with the private sector, state and territory governments and international partners to combat the full breadth of cyber threats.

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of the ACSC?

The ACSC will:

  • raise awareness of cyber security;
  • report on the nature and extent of cyber threats;
  • encourage reporting of cyber security incidents;
  • analyse and investigate cyber threats;
  • coordinate national cyber security operations and capability; and
  • lead the Government's operational response to cyber incidents.

When will the ACSC become operational?

The process of establishing the ACSC has already begun and the ACSC will be operational in late 2014.

How will the ACSC be funded?

The ACSC will be funded from existing agency resources. Each portfolio participating in the ACSC will contribute to the costs.

How many staff will the ACSC have?

The ACSC will have approximately 300 officers by 2017.

Who has responsibility for the ACSC?

The ACSC will be the joint responsibility of the Attorney-General and Minister for Defence.

Major General Stephen Day, Head of Cyber and Information Security at ASD, will be the Centre's first coordinator.

How will the ACSC work with the private sector?

The ACSC will build on the already strong links between government and the private sector, particularly those already established by ACSC agencies.

The ACSC is considering a number of models for partnering with industry which will allow close engagement on everything from information sharing to the development of effective response strategies.

How is the ACSC different from the current Cyber Security Operations Centre?

The ACSC is the next evolution of Australia's cyber security capability. The Cyber Security Operations Centre is a Defence based capability that hosts liaison staff from other Government agencies. The ACSC will see the co-location of all contributing agencies cyber security capabilities in one location.

The ACSC will co-locate:

  • the existing Cyber Security Operation's Centre,
  • ASD's cyber security mission,
  • Attorney-General's CERT Australia which supports industry, critical infrastructure and systems of national interest,
  • representatives of the AFP and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, who focus on cybercrime, and
  • cyber investigations and telecommunication security specialists from ASIO.

What are the ACSC governance arrangements?

The ACSC will be overseen by the Cyber Security Operations Board (CSOB). The CSOB is a secretary and agency-head level board responsible for the strategic oversight of the Government's operational cyber security capabilities and coordination of cyber security measures.

Each agency will maintain its current responsibilities, mandates and authorities under the law and to government.

Each agency will be responsible for protecting the privacy and sensitivity of their information according to relevant policies and legislations.

The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) will continue to oversight all activities for the Australian Intelligence Community agencies located in the ACSC.

Further information
Please address your questions to:
ACSC Coordinator
[email protected]

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