Other drug programs and services

There are a range of national alcohol and drug programs and services available, including:

National Drugs Campaign

The National Drugs Campaign (Department of Health) contains useful information for parents families, young people, communities, service providers and the media. Resources include practical tips for parents on how to talk to young people about drugs. These resources are available in 17 languages. The National Drugs Campaign is an Australian Government initiative.


The Australian Red Cross save-a-mate program has been operating since late 1999 to prevent and reduce the harm associated with substance use, particularly among young people. The program focuses specifically on how to deal with potential emergencies that may arise as a result of alcohol or other drug use such as overdose, collapse, fitting, vomiting and unconsciousness.

The program is based on the fact that the majority of alcohol and other drug emergencies are witnessed by someone else. Immediate and effective intervention can greatly increase the rate of survival for the affected person.

The SAM program offers a number of different services:

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) specific first-aid training, including accredited CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) courses

These courses run for one day over five or six hours. They provide information on substances and their effects, how emergencies happen, how to recognise a potential emergency and how to respond to one. The courses also include accredited CPR training. They are available to the public and can be modified to meet specific needs for different groups.

Pubs, Clubs and Venues

The Pubs, Clubs and Venues initiative is designed to address the growing issue of first-aid emergencies occurring in the 'nightlife' setting as a result of alcohol or other drug use. This initiative is for staff, owners and patrons of pubs, clubs and venues. It seeks to raise awareness of the potential for emergencies and how they happen, as well as providing groups with training so they are equipped with appropriate skills to prevent and manage an overdose or other emergency.

Peer Educators

The save-a-mate peer education program strives to provide opportunities for young people to educate their peers on issues relating to alcohol and other drug use in a variety of settings including schools, youth events and festivals.

(Courtesy of Australian Red Cross save-a-mate)

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