Fighting terrorism

Counter Terrorism contributes to safeguarding Australia's national security, through a whole of government approach, facilitated by national and international cooperation, coordination and collaborative working arrangements.

Terrorism remains a major security challenge for Australia. In recent years, a number of plots have been disrupted by the coordinated efforts of Australia’s security and law enforcement agencies, as well as our international partners.

The AFP continues to be concerned by the increasing risk of home-grown terrorists and the 'lone actor' threat. Terrorists and their methods are constantly evolving. Australia must be flexible and adaptable to changes in the global security environment.

Australia’s national strategic approach to countering terrorism (prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from a terrorist act) requires a multi-layered and collaborative approach based on strong relationships between governments, private industry, members of the community and international partners.

The Australian Government is committed to strengthening the nation’s ability to understand and respond to terrorism and to ensuring that security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies are adequately resourced and prepared.

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