Fighting home grown terrorism

The global environment is constantly evolving and requires the AFP to continually adapt to changing threats. Recent events have highlighted the increasing threat of home grown terrorism and that terrorism can occur anywhere in Australia.

Countering violent extremism

Identifying extremists poses a complex issue due to the various pathways leading individuals through the radicalisation process. Individuals involved in extremist activities come from a diverse range of social backgrounds and are influenced by a range of complex internal and external factors. The complexity of countering violent extremism therefore requires a sophisticated and coordinated response across all levels of government.

AFP countering violent extremism objectives are to:

  • strengthen relationships with identified communities to counter violent extremism
  • as appropriate identify and disrupt, via collaborative intervention methods, those vulnerable to radicalisation
  • promote collaborative initiatives with Commonwealth and jurisdictional partners targeted at disengaging those involved in the radicalisation process
  • monitor trends and adapt to future countering violent extremism challenges, acknowledging the fluid and dynamic nature of terrorism.

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