Fraud and Anti-Corruption

The AFP has primary law enforcement responsibility for investigating serious or complex fraud and corruption against the Commonwealth. The AFP is proactively seeking to address global fraud and corruption issues through bolstering efforts to prevent, detect and investigate these multi-dimensional crimes through enhanced intelligence, inter-agency liaison, and investigator training.

The AFP established the Fraud and Anti-Corruption (FAC) business area under the Crime Program in February 2013. The FAC business area enhances the AFP response to serious and complex fraud against the Commonwealth, corruption by Australian Government employees, foreign bribery and complex identity crime involving the manufacture and abuse of credentials.

The creation of the FAC business area sends a clear 'no tolerance' message in regards to fraud and corruption issues across Commonwealth services, programs and employees. The FAC business area also supports and contributes to Australia's response to the reviews of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions.

Through the FAC business area, the AFP works closely with partner agencies using a multi-agency approach to strengthening the Commonwealth's capability to respond to fraud and corruption. This includes the AFP working alongside those agencies in undertaking or assisting with investigations.

This multi-agency approach contributes to the reduction, disruption or cessation of activities beyond those targeted by a particular investigation, which results in increased compliance with Commonwealth legislation and provides enhanced revenue and expenditure outcomes for the Commonwealth.

Complex fraud and corruption matters are generally protracted, requiring specialised skills and significant resources. The dedicated FAC teams provide a robust framework to build inter-departmental and industry engagement to seek to address these matters collaboratively and effectively.

The FAC business area hosts the AFP's involvement in the Serious Financial Crime Taskforce.


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