Investigation standards

The Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS) were developed through a collaborative and cooperative process with a working party from 10 agencies and widespread consultation.

AGIS has been developed for all Australian Government agencies to ensure quality investigative practices and outcomes. All Australian Government agencies required to comply with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines (Attorney-General's website) must also comply with the minimum standards for investigations set out in AGIS.

The AGIS are the standards used by the Australian Federal Police when undertaking quality assurance reviews for criminal investigations as required by the guidelines.

Provision of AGIS is currently restricted to Australian Government agencies and private organisations with a demonstrated need for AGIS (for example accredited investigational training providers).

The majority of Australian Government agencies have already received a copy of AGIS. Each agency is responsible for the distribution of AGIS within its own organisation. In the first instance, agency staff should contact the relevant area of their own agency to obtain access to AGIS.

More information


Australian Government agencies can download and print the AGIS from the Australian Government secure ‘Govdex’ website. For access please email

Public information relating to fraud management within the Australian Government can be accessed from the Attorney-General's Department website.

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