Intellectual property crime

When someone uses a particular brand, logo, design, piece of music or creative work – and they have no right to do so – they are committing intellectual property (IP) crime.

Although you cannot see or touch intellectual property it is protected by trade marking, patents and copyright.

IP crime is a significant worldwide problem, causing deaths and injuries through products including fake medicines. It costs the global economy more than US$200 billion each year.

How is the AFP targeting IP infringers?

The AFP is committed to taking action against those believed to be the organisers, major importers and/or wholesalers of infringing products.

The AFP is committed to building partnerships with industry and other law enforcement agencies to combat IP crime and wherever possible ascertain links to organised crime.

In addition to its law enforcement strategies, the AFP is working to raise awareness of IP crime so that Australians can recognise and reject counterfeit goods and report IP crime.

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