Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation


The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) was announced by the Australian Government on 25 March 2018, as a measure of the 2018-19 Commonwealth Budget.

The AFP-led Centre brings together key stakeholders and partners to drive a collective effort to counter the global epidemic of child exploitation. It provides an integrated and collaborative capability to ensure cohesion by using the expertise of Federal, State and Territory, non-government agencies and private industry. It also facilitates a cross-pollination of resources, knowledge and skillsets between stakeholders.

Vision and Mission

Vision: Children are free from exploitation.

Mission: To drive a collaborative national response to counter the exploitation of children.


The Centre is built on four pillars (4Pā€™s) to prevent, prepare, pursue and protect children and vulnerable person against exploitation through a foundation of partnership.


The Centre works closely with the Transnational, Serious and Organised Crime Coordinator, within the Department of Home Affairs, to form part of a cohesive strategy to combat child sexual exploitation.

The Centre is intended to include representatives from Commonwealth Government agencies, and draws upon the expertise of Federal, State and Territory law enforcement, government agencies, non-government agencies and industry, academia, and international partners.

Importantly, the Centre will work with dedicated partners in the non-government child protection sector to seek the best possible outcomes for victims and families.


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The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

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