Forensic science and intelligence capability

The forensic science and intelligence capability of the AFP is provided by the Specialist Operations portfolio. The portfolio is comprised of a large number of specialist forensic and intelligence disciplines who support ACT Government through ACT Policing, the national and international policing responsibilities of the AFP, international capacity building of the Australian Government and maintains strong relationships with domestic and international counterparts and academia.

The AFP provides forensic science and technical intelligence services in close support to the AFP, its agency partners and other law enforcement agencies in a range of specialist forensic and intelligence disciplines including:

  • crime scenes investigation
  • firearms identification and armoury services
  • biological and chemical criminalistics
  • identification sciences including fingerprint and facial identification
  • document sciences
  • imagery and geomatics
  • digital forensics
  • audio and video analysis
  • counter terrorism and rapid response
  • disaster victim identification
  • weapons and technical intelligence
  • forensic intelligence
  • forensic drug intelligence

Early engagement, consultation and real-time specialist forensic support to operational areas are now fundamental to operational successes. To achieve the desired effect, specialist capabilities must not only be responsive to the day to day operations but also have the flexibility to evolve to meet changing operational demands.

A cultural change has seen the strengthening of our investigative mindset contributing to policing outcomes of prevention and disruption. The forensic science and intelligence capability continues to support the specialised evidentiary standards mandated by our courts of law.

AFP Forensics Facility

The purpose-built forensics facility in Canberra provides the infrastructure and workspaces to undertake joint forensic examinations supporting cross-agency investigations and collaborations. The design is centred on the principles of integration and collaboration, which enables the delivery of forensic services under a more consultative and client-centred model.

The facility sets the foundation for the AFP to continue to grow new capabilities and support new or expanded work with our domestic and international partners. The facility will be a global centre of excellence in forensic science that will build on the integration of the forensic and intelligence functions.


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