Operations Monitoring Centres

The AFP has Operations Monitoring Centres (OMC) at each of its office locations around Australia.

They are responsible for receiving:

Some OMCs also have dedicated Client Liaison teams, which facilitate the provision of investigative and other related services to Australian Government departments and agencies.

The primary objective of each of the teams is to contribute effectively to the deterrence of criminal activity in areas impacting on Australian Government interests.


  • contribute effectively to the Commonwealth's fraud control strategies
  • facilitate the reporting of matters to the AFP
  • monitor and enhance the AFP's relationships with its clients
  • provide assistance and advice in relation to the reporting of appropriate matters for investigation

Additional services

Client Liaison Teams can also work with other areas of the AFP to assist your agency with the following services:

  • A broad range of Forensic Services, including fingerprint examination and document examination, as well as a full range of laboratory-based analysis
  • Training, advice and/or guidance by AFP Financial Investigation Teams in relation to proceeds of crime
  • Computer Crime Teams can provide advice, guidance and technical support in relation to the forensic examination of seized computer hardware/software
  • Courses for investigators from government agencies that lead to Certificate IV In Fraud Control (Investigations) qualifications, which provide participants with skills that are fully aligned to the endorsed National Competency Standards for fraud prevention, detection and investigation

The AFP Operations Coordination Centre

The AFP Operations Coordination Centre (AOCC) provides National and International AFP teams with a centralised monitoring, initial response, coordination and communications support service.

The teams have dual roles. They provide close operations support to operational and intelligence teams found in, or managed from, National Headquarters Canberra, as well as providing a range of similar services, primarily in a coordination role, for the broader organisation.

The Client Liaison Team within the AOCC acts as the OMC for many Canberra-based teams (excluding ACT Policing).

Contact the Client Liaison Team on:

Ph: (02) 5127 0011
Email: AOCC-Client-Liaison@afp.gov.au

Commonwealth Fraud Control and Australian Government Investigation Standards

The AOCC Client Liaison Team also contributes to the Commonwealth's fraud control strategies by providing:

  • advice to departments and agencies in relation to the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines 2011 and on the handling of fraud related matters, an
  • quality assurance reviews of agency investigations.

View the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines on the Attorney General's Department website.

Australian Government departments or agencies requiring copies of the Australian Government Investigation Standards should contact the Client Liaison Team:

Australian Government Investigation Standards (AGIS) - Commonwealth Government Departments requiring a copy contact AOCC Client Liaison Team
PO Box 401
Canberra City ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 5127 0011

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