AFP National Canine Capability

The AFP's role in ensuring Australia's national and aviation security is supported by highly trained detection dogs and handlers. Detection dog teams provide a highly mobile and effective screening capability over a variety of search areas including terminals, baggage, aircraft, vehicles and freight, and present a highly visible deterrence factor.

The AFP National Canine Program trains, develops and maintains dogs in the following disciplines:

Firearms and explosive detection dogs

The AFP provides a firearms and explosive detection capability through the use of dogs at the major airports. This capability is an enhancement to existing explosives screening measures undertaken by airport screening authorities. Unobtrusive screening techniques are used to detect a range of military and commercial grade explosives, including firearms.

Currency and drug detection dogs

Currency and drug detection (CADD) dogs are trained to detect Australian currency and a range of international currency and drugs types.

The currency capability contributes to detecting the illegal movement and concealment of currency in support of both national and aviation operations.

They are also trained to detect a range of illicit drugs. This capability complements both targeted and proactive operations to detect, disrupt and dismantle both ad-hoc and organised illegal importation and movement of illicit drugs within Australia.

General purpose dogs

General purpose (GP) dogs are used in support of AFP operations, examples include:

  • searching open and rural areas tracking offenders/missing persons from a known last location
  • searching buildings or enclosed areas
  • searching for physical evidence containing human odour
  • public order management
  • apprehending violent or fleeing offenders.

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