Air Security Officers

Air Security Officers (ASOs) are armed Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers responsible for the containment or resolution of high-risk security incidents on domestic and international flights.

These specially trained AFP officers provide an intelligence-led deterrence and containment capability on selected Australian domestic and international flights to safeguard Australian registered aircraft against in-flight attack. ASOs travel on selected Australian domestic and international flights to maintain an armed in-flight response and resolution capacity.

ASOs blend in with other passengers and could be on any flight. They are deployed in response to current threat assessments and form part of the AFP's ongoing deterrence strategy.

Officers are trained and equipped to provide response to threat of hijack/attempt by terrorists or other criminals to take control of an aircraft.

ASOs are extensively trained in many disciplines including negotiation, defensive tactics, specialist firearm handling and small team techniques.

The AFP's ASO Program maintains close ties with its foreign counterparts and the airline industry to ensure international best practice.

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