Airport Watch

If you require police assistance

If you require police assistance at the airport, but there is no immediate danger, such as an unattended item or disturbance/breach of the peace (e.g. antisocial behaviour) call 131 AFP.


For police, fire or ambulance response to an emergency or life threatening situation, call 000.​​​​​​

Call and report to Airport Watch
(Dial: 131 AFP and select option #4)

See it, hear it, report suspicious activity online

Submit an online report to Airport Watch

Please refer to the other contacts section below before you submit an Airport Watch report to ensure your matter receives the appropriate response.

Airport Watch engages with the airport community as the 'eyes and ears' within the aviation environment to increase reporting of suspicious activity within airports and the sector.

Staff working within the airports, as well as members of public transiting through or visiting airports, can contact Airport Watch to report suspicious activity.

Some examples of suspicious activity or unusual behaviour could be:

  • If you see a person displaying a high interest in security procedures.
  • If you see a person recording or taking photos in or around sensitive areas of the airport.
  • Anyone loitering in and around airport even when no flights are scheduled.
  • Anyone heard asking questions about security procedures in and around airport.
  • Anyone attempting to access restricted areas even when the area is clearly marked as restricted.

Reporting suspicious activity will help the AFP deter, detect or resolve terrorist attacks or criminal activities. This community approach focuses not only on identifying suspicious activity, but resolving it on a real time response basis.

Airport Watch is a community-based concept that requires local direction in accordance with the specific requirements of each airport location. It complements other security operations at airports and Government requirements for airports to implement enhanced security screening equipment such as body scanners and advanced X-ray technology. The key to an effective and sustainable community based Airport Watch program is the active engagement and participation by businesses and staff within the aviation stream.

Airport Watch is central to both regulated aviation preventive security and to law enforcement. Through information sharing, as well as analysis and investigations, it enhances Australia's aviation preventive security regime.

If it doesn't add up, speak up. Call the National Security Hotline - 1800 123 400.

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