Government Department or Agency Report of an allegation of criminal conduct

I am a member of the public wishing to report an allegation of criminal conduct to the AFP. Please visit Report a Commonwealth crime.

We are a Government Department or Agency seeking to Request an Investigative Service.

What is a Report?

A Report is a notification in writing or orally of an allegation that a crime has, is being or may be committed.

When to make a Report to the AFP?

An Australian Government Department or Agency can make a Report of an allegation of criminal conduct to the AFP National Operations and State Service Centre (NOSSC) where an alleged offence/s occurred if it:

How to make a Report to the AFP

For initial enquiries or advice prior to submitting a Report, Departments and Agencies should contact the AFP National Operations and State Service Centre (NOSSC) via their closest office or (02) 51260000.

All Reports should be made using an Agency Report a Crime form (DOCX, 100KB). Refer to the form for information on what is required. Ensure all relevant sections and information is provided. Failure to provide sufficient information may result in the Report being returned or rejected.

If you are having trouble accessing this document, please contact the NOSSC ([email protected]).

Forms should be sent to the NOSSC in the State or Territory where the suspected offences occurred or to the NOSSC Client Liaison Team ([email protected]). The form should include all relevant information and accompanying documents.

Reports may be sent by email or post, or delivered by hand. Departments and Agencies should consider the security classification and apply a classification accordingly.

They should also consider sensitivity, volume, format and integrity of the information in the form when deciding how to send it to the AFP.

NOSSC Client Liaison Team
AFP Headquarters, Canberra
[email protected]
GPO Box 401, Canberra ACT 2601
NOSSC Northern Command (Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin Offices) [email protected]
PO Box 920, Spring Hill QLD 4004
NOSSC Eastern Command [email protected]
Locked Bag A3000, Sydney South NSW 1232
NOSSC Central Command [email protected]
PO Box 200, Kent Town SA 5071
NOSSC Southern Command (Melbourne and Hobart Office) [email protected]
GPO Box 485G, Melbourne VIC 3001
NOSSC Western Command [email protected]
PO Box 586, West Perth WA 6872

Special Arrangements

Special arrangements for reporting matters have been negotiated with some Departments and Agencies.

AFP investigations of breaches of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 where the Australian Electoral Commission is the complainant are exempt from the provisions of these guidelines.

Exceptional circumstances and after-hours contacts

In exceptional circumstances, where immediate action by the AFP is required, a Report will be considered over the telephone. However the phone call must be supported by a written report within 24 hours.

During business hours, contact the NOSSC Client Liaison Team [email protected]

After hours, contact the NOSSC on (02) 51270001.

To get an urgent response at an airport, 24 hours a day, contact the NOSSC on 131 AFP (131 237).

Terrorism and national security reports

Reports relating to terrorism or national security issues are addressed under specific protocols entered into between the AFP and agencies.

National Security Hotline

Read the AFP Annual Report 2018-19

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