The objective of AFP Protection is to keep individuals and interests identified by the Commonwealth as being at risk safe from acts of terrorism, violent protest and issues motivated violence. This is achieved in partnership with other Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies and departments.

The AFP is committed to providing high quality protection services on behalf of and for the Commonwealth in the following areas:

Close Personal Protection

Protection is provided within Australia and overseas to designated Australian and foreign dignitaries, internationally protected persons and visiting foreign dignitaries.

This includes:

  • the Governor-General
  • the Prime Minister and other ministers; and
  • diplomats and foreign officials.

Witness Protection

The AFP administers the National Witness Protection Program under The National Witness Protection Act 1994, which delivers protection and assistance to witnesses and others identified as being at risk.

Special events

The AFP significantly contributes to the planning and provision of security for major events, such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings domestically, and cooperates with foreign governments and law enforcement in relation to special events of interest overseas.

The AFP provides advice and support to nations hosting special events by working collaboratively with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Attorney Generals’ Department Security Coordination Branch to provide safety and security advice to Australians who may be attending those events.

The provision of Close Personal Protection Liaison Officers for Australian high office holders who attend events that deem to be within a high threat level are provided by the protection function.

Uniform Protection

The AFP provides high visibility preventative and response services to clients for the protection of designated Commonwealth establishments and diplomatic and consular missions within Australia and overseas.

This includes:

  • Defence establishments,
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation,
  • diplomatic missions,
  • parliamentary sites; and
  • designated official establishments.

The AFP achieves this with stations of Protective Service Officers (PSOs) who perform a range of high visibility vehicle, foot and bike patrols and static protection.

Protective Service Officers are trained to deter, detect and respond to criminal and national security threats. PSOs provide armed counter terrorism first response at their sites.

Protective Service Officers perform rotating 24/7 shift work at an assigned station or location under the direction of an Officer in Charge who will direct PSO duties in response to the prevailing security threats and operating conditions.

Contact Protection

AFP Protection GPO Box 401
Canberra City ACT 2601

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