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SHIELD leading the way on health and wellbeing

A healthy and productive workforce is essential in any workplace, even more so in a policing environment, where many members are exposed to the physical and mental rigours that society, and life, can manifest.

AFP Leaders – Commander Sandra Booth

When Commander Sandra Booth left school, she wanted to be one of two things – a sailor, or a police officer. We sat down with Commander Booth to talk about her journey in the AFP.

AFP Leaders - Krissy Barrett

Her career in the AFP has seen her transition from an intern to a Commander in one of the AFP's busiest regional commands. Along her journey, Commander Barrett has challenged perceptions, led by example and paved the way for other young female officers.

Drug routes out of Golden Triangle; AFP helps tell story

The 'Golden Triangle' — where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge — has for decades been a region associated with 'traditional' drug production and trafficking.

AFP Leaders - Stefan Jerga

As Acting National Manager of the AFP’s Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce, Stefan Jerga heads up the team responsible for removing the profit from crime and preventing its reinvestment in further criminal enterprise.

The largest US seizure of methylamphetamine that almost never was…

It took eight hours for a joint taskforce to cut through a shipping container's-worth of car audio capacitors, looking for a veritable motherlode of narcotics.

AFP Leaders – Dr Sarah Benson, Chief Forensic Scientist

Deploying to the Netherlands for the investigation into the downing of MH17 came with a sense of enormous responsibility for Dr Sarah Benson of the Australian Federal Police – to provide closure to grieving families in a search for justice on a world stage.

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