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Combatting crime to protect Australians and Australia's interests

Crimes we're combatting

We have the jurisdiction to investigate crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia (we call them Commonwealth crimes). We also have jurisdiction in the Australian Capital Territory.


Combatting a serious criminal threat to Australia and Australians.

Espionage and foreign interference

Working to prevent serious threats to our national interests and protect the Australian way of life.

Drug crime

Stopping the supply of illegal drugs to Australia, detecting and disrupting anyone who imports or exports border-controlled drugs.

Crimes against children

We target child exploitation offenders and remove children from harm.


Terrorism is an ongoing major security challenge for Australia. We play a lead role in keeping Australians safe from terrorism.

Serious and organised crime

Combating serious and organised crime to protect the physical and financial security of Australia.

Fraud and corruption

Working with our partners in Australia and overseas to stamp out fraud and corruption against the Commonwealth of Australia.

Money laundering and financial crime

Protecting the security and safety of the Australian economy, people and businesses.

Human trafficking and people smuggling

Identifying and disrupting people and crime syndicates who commit crimes involving human exploitation.

Airports and aviation crime

We keep travellers, Australian airports, and other Australian interests safe.

Breaches of international law

Investigating people, groups and countries that violate human rights.

Crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia

Investigating offences against Australia and its external territories.

Illegal firearms and weapons

Investigating the possession and use of illegal firearms and weapons in Australia.

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