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28 September 2022, 9:47am
Media Release

Episode 2 released of podcast series on 20th anniversary of the Bali bombings

Today the AFP releases Episode 2 of its documentary-style podcast series about the 2002 Bali bombings, an anniversary that has a special significance for the Australian community and the AFP.

As the 20th anniversary of this history-defining terrorist attack approaches on 12 October, the AFP-produced podcast series - Operation Alliance: 2002 Bali Bombings – is a tribute to the men and women of the AFP who responded to the events in Bali.

Episode 2 – Looking for Clues – explores inside forensic investigation. When faced with the enormity of a crime scene in Kuta, where do you start looking for clues? The answer: in strange places.

In the weeks and months following the bombings, Operation Alliance would bring together 500 personnel in Bali and more than 400 in Australia, among them Disaster Victim Identification experts, family liaison officers and forensic investigators, who would all rely on their years of experience and some ‘gut instinct’ to find answers in the mayhem.

Listeners will hear about the forensic breakthroughs, including post-blast residue examinations, fingerprint comparisons and a suicide bomber theory – all of which paved the way for investigators to identify suspects, later charged for their involvement in the bombings.

Narrator and respected journalist Ray Martin takes listeners through the stories behind the headlines as told by current and former AFP members in their own words.

Bali was fundamental in re-shaping how the Australian community felt about its safety abroad and at home, in re-shaping Australia’s national security framework, and in re-shaping the AFP into a mature organisation driven by innovation.

The AFP and the lives of many of our members changed after the Bali bombings. Our hearts will always be with grieving families and survivors. Equally, we are forever thankful for the men and women of the AFP and state police forces who deployed to Bali in October 2002.

Episode 2 – Looking For Clues is released today, with episodes available weekly through to 12 October on the AFP website and major podcast platforms.

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Episode 2: Looking For Clues – out now

Episode 3: Team Effort – 5 October

Episode 4: Closing The Circle – 12 October

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