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29 November 2022, 4:38pm
Media Release

SA traveller jailed for violent and disorderly behaviour on a plane

A South Australian man has been sentenced to six months’ imprisonment by the Adelaide Magistrates Court for offensive and disorderly behaviour on a plane at Adelaide Airport.

The man, 55, was sentenced on Friday (25 November 2022) over the aggressive outburst which started on a domestic flight from Darwin to Adelaide on 10 October, 2021.

He was aggressive towards airline staff and acted offensively towards fellow passengers throughout the journey.

AFP members were called to escort the man from the plane on its arrival at Adelaide Airport, where he resisted arrest, obstructed and abused police. One of the officers needed medical treatment.

AFP Acting Inspector Mike Smith said the AFP will not tolerate unlawful behaviour, particularly when it creates a dangerous environment for airport workers and passengers.

“This type of aggressive and antisocial behaviour is unnecessary, unacceptable, inappropriate and will not be tolerated,” Acting Inspector Smith said.

“The AFP is sending a clear message that we will take direct and firm action against unruly or offensive behaviour that places the public and our airline staff at risk.”

The man pleaded guilty to:

  • One count of behave in an offensive and disorderly manner contrary to regulation 256AA(1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (Cth);
  • Three counts of intimidate a person, contrary to subsection 20A of the Crimes (Aviation) Act 1991 (Cth);
  • One count of smoking in an aircraft toilet, contrary to regulation 255(1A) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (Cth);
  • One count of resist arrest, contrary to section 149.1(1) of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth); and
  • One count of obstruct police, contrary to section 149.1(1) of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth).

The AFP encourages the public to call Airport Watch on 131 237 if they see or hear something suspicious while working or travelling through an airport.

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