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22 November 2022, 1:24pm
Media Release

Traveller arrested at Perth Airport pleads guilty to importing meth

This is a joint release between Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force

A West Australian man has pleaded guilty to importing illicit drugs found in his luggage when he flew into Perth International Airport on Sunday (20 November 2022).

The man, 42, has been handed a $10,000 fine and will be remanded in custody for up to two months’ until he pays, after he pleaded guilty during his first appearance in Perth Magistrates Court yesterday (21 November) to smuggling about seven grams of methamphetamine into Australia.

AFP officers charged the traveller after Australian Border Force (ABF) officers found most of the illicit stash when they searched the man’s bags upon his arrival into Perth.

ABF officers checked red and white medication capsules the man was carrying; and tests of the white substance they contained returned positive readings for methamphetamine.

A clip seal bag containing a small amount of white crystalline substance was found in the man’s underwear when he was searched after being taken into custody.  The man admitted that substance was also methamphetamine.

The man was charged with importing border controlled drugs, contrary to section 307.4 of the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth). The maximum penalty for the offence is two years’ imprisonment.

AFP Acting Superintendent Shona Davis said the AFP was working closely with the ABF to protect the community and prevent any amount of illicit drugs from being brought into Australia.

“We are warning travellers who try to bring illegal substances into Australia, they will be identified and face the legal consequences, which include potential jail terms,” she said.

ABF Superintendent Aviation Operations Vesna Gavanich said the detection exemplified how highly skilled officers and sophisticated technology at Australia’s border continued to halt illicit substances being brought into the community.

“Even small amounts of substances, no matter how well concealed, will be detected by our experienced officers and result in costly consequences for those involved,” Superintendent Gavanich said.

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