National Police Certificate company checks

An authorised national police check on an Australian company

Apply for a National Police Company Check

Prepare documents

The company you're checking needs to authorise you to do the check.

Apply and pay

Fill in the application form and post it with payment.

Get the certificate

Company checks may take up to 10 business days. Allow extra time for postage.



You can only ask us to do a national police check on an Australian company if:

  • the company has authorised it
  • there is a Commonwealth or Australian Capital Territory legislative or regulatory requirement.

For example, you might need a certificate detailing any convictions or charges pending against a company as part of an Aged Care Provider application, or when applying for an ACT:

  • Liquor licence
  • Corporation Real Estate licence
  • Master Security licence.

What's included in a company check

The company check will detail court outcome information we have received.

It may be incomplete if any court or regulatory agency has not given us information about an offence.

Individual checks

If you need us to do a national police check on your personal offender history, visit National Police Certificate checks.

Before you apply

Proof of identity

We use the identity documents you send us to prepare your certificate and verify your identity. You need to send us identity documents worth at least 100 points in total.

Download our proof of identity checklist [PDF 22.7KB].

If you can't meet 100 points, contact us.

You will need to photocopy your documents to attach to your application.

You will also need to send us details of other names by which you are, or have been, known.

Proof of authority

You must include a letter from the company you are asking us to check. It must be printed on official company letterhead and include:

  • authority for you to apply for the national police company check
  • the reason why you need the check
  • the signature and contact details of the senior manager authorising the check.

We may contact the person signing the letter if we need verbal authority.

If you are the owner of the company, provide a copy of the Certificate of the Registration of a Company.

If any of these details are missing, we will send the application back to you to correct and resubmit.

How to apply

By post

To get a company check, you must send your application by post.

  1. Gather your proof of identity and authority documents.
  2. Fill out an application form [PDF 762KB].
  3. Pay $47 by credit card or debit card.

When you fill in the form, make sure to complete all the details at the top of the form and in the shaded area.

If possible, fill it in on your computer and print the completed form.

We will delete emailed applications and any attachments. If you email us, we'll get in touch with you and advise you to post the application.

Post to:

Australian Federal Police
Criminal Records Vetting Team – Mail Point 425
GPO Box 401

You can't lodge your application at a police station.

After you apply

Processing times

Company checks can take up to 10 business days to complete. Allow extra time for postage.

If you have not received your check in this time frame, you can ask about its status.

Fees and charges

A company check costs $47 and is exempt from GST.

Credit card payments attract a surcharge. We don't accept cheques or money orders.


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